The workshop is going to go on hiatus for a while, as I read and study other things on my own, until probably September of 2022. Some more information is below for when it picks back up. Thank you very much for your interest.

*also … I edit stories with people one on one, if you would like to do that instead of waiting until the fall of ’22*

Here are some more specifics of the nine week workshop:

They are generally on Tuesday nights. Three hours. I will take nine participants. Each participant will workshop three pieces (up to 5000-ish words in length each). Short stories, essays, pieces of a novel, batches of flash fiction. Whatever works for you. Writing will be turned in a week before a participant’s workshop, so you will still have time to create new work while the workshop is moving along. If you are the kind of person that thrives on a deadline, this will help. If you are a person who feels lost and could use an outside perspective on your work, this will help.

Each week we will verbally workshop a single piece, each, from three writers. Talking it out, offering our interpretations, praise and critique, asking questions of the author, the author asking questions of us. We will reach a clear understanding, kindly, respectfully.

The next week we will do three more pieces from three new writers.

The third week we will workshop three new pieces from the remaining three writers.

We will repeat that cycle three times so everyone has workshopped three pieces.

Your pieces are due the week before your workshop date. They do not have to be turned in all at once in the beginning. I will work with participants to figure out the most convenient workshop dates for them, on an individual basis.

All workshop participants will receive close tracked change line edits and comments from myself, and the rest of the workshop. This is a comprehensive workshop that focuses on generating new work, developing ideas, refining ideas, how to put together a book, how to submit your work. I will work one on one with each participant on line editing techniques, how to sharpen dialogue, how to move along plot, how to consolidate, how to streamline, etc.

Aside from that, really, it’s an open forum, any and all question about process, we will get into it together.

About me: I am a writer and construction worker, but do not have any experience in academia. This is just somebody talking to you about art and life. I believe I can offer some insight into what it means to be a working artist today. How to go farther and weirder and more human on the page. And how to incorporate art into everyday life, away from universities, and institutes, out there in the ordinary world, where the time to write the novel seems to be half an hour here, half an hour there, one lunch break at a time.

The workshop will cost $500. I am currently taking applications, please fill out the form below and tell me about yourself and what you are interested in working on. Any other questions, please feel free to put them in the form below, I will receive an email from you with it.

Much respect to you,
Bud Smith

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