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I offer editing services, and I also teach a private writing workshop, more info below if you are interested:

I like to edit stories one-on-one with people. I give line edits in tracked changes and comments on what works and what could use a little more work imo, and there is a half hour phone call about the story and writing in general. Usually the phone call runs a bit long. Most stories I edit are under 5000 words, but sometimes they are longer and I love that too. Just hit me up and tell me about your story and how I can help. I’ll get back to you. Sometimes I take on larger editing jobs, whether it be a short story that stretches out towards the 10K mark, or a novella, or sometimes, even novels. Just please tell me what you are thinking in the form below. Thank you very much.

In general, I teach a creative writing workshop focused on prose, four times a year. Currently I am planning on returning to teaching in the fall of ’22. I do my best to keep a list of who is interested. I will also announce a workshop on this site, or my substack, so subscribe if you like that:

Or just keep an eye on my twitter (@bud_smith) or instagram (@budsmith), and message when I announce the opening for the workshop (with more details).

Thank you for your interest and for making your art
Much respect to you,
Bud Smith

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